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Our brand partners are pioneers in ethical & sustainable fashion.

At Borobabi, circularity is our responsibility. We believe what happens to our products is up to us & it’s our mission to help end the cycle of waste and overuse. Our brand partners are chosen because they share these core values.

Bebe Organics

Bebe Organic was founded in 2014 by mother of two and MA graduate of London College of Fashion, Birgit Kadak. After her first child was diagnosed with an extremely sensitive skin condition she was in search of natural and organic alternatives in the mainstream and luxury market, but found only products that were synthetic and full of hazardous chemicals. Natural alternatives were too simplistic and basic. This inspired her to create her own small timeless collection with organic materials that eventually evolved into the brand Bebe Organic. Bebe Organic collections are reflections of Birgit’s great passions in life: motherhood, sustainability, and travel. All items are made with organic and natural materials that are unique and naturally best for your child.


Bonmot was set up in 2017 with the aim of forging a different path in the production and consumption of children’s clothing that’s more humane and mindful of the environment. sustainable fashion, fair and ethical with both society and the planet. hello positive garments. With 100%organic fabrics, Bonmot creates unisex garments that are full of character and long lasting values.


Búho is an array of colors, exclusive prints, soft and carefully nurtured 
fabrics. Clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied
 patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes
without sacrificing comfort. And so one day, if anybody asks them: “Do
 you remember your favorite garment when you were young?”, the
 answer will be: Búho. The fabrics and yarns come mainly from France, Spain and Italy, as the quality of the raw materials is critical for the company. Complex washing and dyeing techniques achieve an array of unique colors that convey emotions and a casual exquisiteness recreating a sweet, bohemian world. These are exclusive productions, monitored with utmost care and affection throughout the process in order to achieve singular and special garments blended in perfect harmony.

Colored Organics

Founder, Amanda, started Colored Organics with two little ones in tow and a mission to make a difference in the clothing industry. Honest, ethical, and absolutely adorable. These values have inspired every aspect of what Colored Organics does. Amanda, knew that making the switch to organic, ethical fashion for her family could make a big difference in the clothing industry. That is why we Colored Organics is committed to creating clothes that do good, not just in our homes, but throughout every stage of production and beyond the clothing industry.


FUB is contemporary classics with a clean conscience! Founded in 2006 by Anne Sofie Olrik and Lotte Bundgaard, FUB makes classic, comfortable and sustainable knitwear for kids and women. Every item is carefully created and produced with a demanding regard for details and craftsmanship. The collections are purely made of OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. FUB is anchored in the subtle aesthetics of the North with a desire to create quality knitwear in pure materials without compromising neither the design or the comfort. In a time where fast fashion gets a lot of attention, FUB dares to oppose passing trends with classic designs that never outdate. The focus for designer Anne Sofie Olrik is to create clothes that last more than a season. She makes high demands on the materials used and emphasizes both timeless design and durable quality that allow the clothes to be worn again and again.


KidWild loves a world where kids can live pure, wild and free. Free of harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides. Full of earth-friendly and honest products, super soft materials and modern, timeless hues & prints. KidWild’s apparel, layette and accessories line offer modern and minimalistic essentials with a year round collection of stylish, ethically-made basics. For parents who no longer want to sacrifice safety for style, Kidwild’s line is crafted from only the softest certified organic fabrics. Their apparel line was created with simplicity, durability and comfort in mind. Timeless basics that can be carried on from one child to the next. Ultra soft fabrics in unisex colors your child wants to wear day in, day out. Kidwild’s garments and essentials are made from eco-friendly & organic materials with no harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides. No exceptions. Ever.


Liilu is a reflection of the simplicity of childhood, a lifestyle which is not bold, but pure. Inspired by travels abroad, the new life in the south of Portugal and the lightness of her own childhood, the designer and mother of two, Sibylle Pal, is truly the heart behind the brand. Her passion for simplicity, aesthetics and the love for details are the signature of each collection. Liilu create’s timeless and sustainable baby/kids wear made of high quality fabrics. Liilu only uses 100% organic cotton in our signature muslins and organic wools to protect the children’s sensitive skin. Oversized cuts and clean styles underline the children’s free spirit and can be easily matched to be worn everyday. Liilu products are made under fair working conditions in the north of Portugal.


MONKIND is a brand based in Berlin whose focus is on sleek, minimal design paired with organic, sustainably-made materials. MONKIND concentrates on structure, mood, color and light to create a unified aesthetic ­message that is subtle, functional and timeless. ­They make simple, innovative and stylish kid’s and adult’s clothes that are enjoyed around the globe. The designer and lifeblood of MONKIND is Valeria. Born in the former Soviet Union into an artistic family, she was taught from birth the importance of the aesthetic and the relevance of composition. From making her barbie’s clothing as a young child to graduating from a Berlin fashion school, Valeria was destined to found her own label. Monkind was born through her passion in making her own children’s clothing from organic and natural materials. Valeria’s husband, Stewart, soon joined forces and they opened their first store in Berlin in 2014 – and are today one of the biggest organic kid’s wear brands in Germany.


MORI believes that every moment is worth embracing; from the sleep deprived times to the snuggles fueled by laughter, each moment is a magical milestone for your family. That’s why at MORI creates products that help to welcome a baby into the world and beyond, with a gentle touch from sustainable materials. Since 2015 MORI has been using the softest organic fabrics to give you the highest-quality products, which are made with your family’s wellbeing in mind. All of MORI’s pieces are thoughtfully crafted using sustainably sourced fabrics and manufactured in trusted factories. As well as being kind to the planet, MORI’s fabrics are gentle on a little one’s delicate skin.

My Little Cozmo

My Little Cozmo value’s things made with love, art, fair trade, and a slow way of life. Each piece of our baby’s and kid’s clothing is designed and created with our own motherly hands, slowly with care and close attention to detail. My Little Cozmo is based in Barcelona where they also produce. Founded and led by women and moms, they believe in kid’s clothing that is carefully designed and consciously made. Each item bears a part of their team’s soul. Convinced that clothing should be made to be durable, they embrace the concepts of handcrafting, “less is more” and contributing to more sustainable consumption. My Little Cozmo strives to make every kid’s Cozmo a better place and believe that together we can make a change.

Nature Baby

Nature Baby is “in love with nature.” After the birth of their first child, Co-Founders Georgia and Jacob Faull were inspired to find natural and organic alternatives for their own children, rather than having to accept the mainstream products that are mostly synthetic or unsustainable. Nature Baby works to create a world that nurtures you, your baby, and nature. They specialize in everyday essentials for baby that are both ethically and sustainably made.


Nui Organics was born in New Zealand in 2004 and is now at home all over the world. As a brand, Nui looks to make clothing parents love and children love to wear. This means exceptional quality, comfortable, innovative, imaginative and fashion forward. Nui designs for extended wear and from quality materials that respect both people and planet. Respect for both people and planet has always been at the core of the Nui brand. As much as possible we use certified organic materials and production methods, work with factories that mirror their environmental and social philosophies and constantly seek to improve. In Maori, the native language of New Zealand, nui means big or important hence the name Nui Organics™. Because Nui believes a clean start is a big thing for a little person. Nui is inspired by beautiful natural landscape and fired with a desire to maintain it for future generations.

Petit Vilains

Petits Vilains was started by Jen & Rachel, best friends who have been collaborating since kindergarten. Jen is the creative director and designs the collection and Rachel handles the operational side of things. Petits Vilains is their joint vision and reflects their shared values of fewer, better things, beauty in simplicity, and clothing having the potential to spark joy and ease. The collection is an elevated and modern take on timeless silhouettes; each piece feels special but can – and should – be worn every day. Fits are relaxed with room to grow and fabrics are always natural and organic whenever possible. The color palette is chosen to appeal to kids and their parents because the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Each piece is designed and made with care in Canada.


Piupiuchick is located in Oporto, by the Atlantic Ocean, near the renowned Portuguese Textile Industry. Piupiuchick was born in 2012 with the idea of helping kids make the most out of their childhood, with each collection to be driven by childhood “principles”! Collections are inspired in stories that have a great meaning to us and stories we want to tell to our children. All garments are designed and produced locally in Portugal, near Porto, where the PiuPiuChick team lives. Being so close to production means they know all people involved, to which they call the Piupiuchick’s family too. All production is made in fair human conditions and strictly respecting the environment. PiuPiuChick puts a lot of effort in finding the most environmental-friendly solutions to produce their collections – focusing on organic, natural and recycled materials. PiuPiuChick wants our kids to be proud of how we can contribute to protect their future.


When a passion for art and maternal instinct came together, Popelin, a children’s clothing brand for babies and children aged 0 to 16 years, was born. Towards late 2013, inspired by her love for her children, Carmela, Julieta, and Cristina decided to create an exclusive collection of children’s clothing manufactured 100% in Spain. Each design is handled in their workshop, as if it were a piece of artwork and every last detail is taken into account. Popelin ensures that all their designs are made using natural textiles such as cotton and linen so that they are comfortable and safe for children. Popelín is committed to human rights and against child labour. We are true to fair trade and sustainable production.

Sleepy Doe

Following 11 years’ experience in the fashion industry, creative directing and designing loungewear for British heritage brands, founder Sophie launched Sleepy Doe in 2016. Sophie is a firm believer that often the simple things are the best things in life. She wanted to create a line of long-lasting sleepwear to sit comfortably in any home. Sophie’s design and manufacturing experience ensures Sleepy Doe prioritizes quality alongside style so Sleepy Doe’s collections are classic whilst injecting hand-drawn prints in timeless colors. All methods of manufacturing are sustainable and ethical, reflecting the standards of the whole brand. No harmful dyes are used in the printing method and all products are printed on OXTEX or GOTS certified organic cotton, ecologically sourced. Currently products are designed and manufactured in the U.K and Spain, supporting independent factories and businesses. As a brand, we are continuously looking to improve the ways in which we can promote and practice sustainability, sleep well.

Sproet & Sprout

Sproet & Sprout values being themselves. Because that’s how they maintain their authentic signature and consistency in their brand. Sproet & Sprout believes that true beauty lies within the perfect imperfections, the untamable curls on your daughter’s head or the charming gap between their teeth. These perfect imperfections make us who we are. One-of-a-kind, beautiful and real. Sproet & Sprout believes that taking social responsibility as a brand is very important. That’s why they make conscious decisions in everything they do. It’s the reason why their collections are made with great quality and timeless designs. They are made to last and to be worn over and over again. They source the softest cottons for your kids’ skin. They reduce our environmental footprint by using the softest eco-friendly organic cottons. And make sure our kids can enjoy this happy world in the future.

The New Society

The New Society was born as the personal project of designer Estefania Grandio. After fifteen years working for women’s fashion brands in Spain and Europe, she had two children – Matteo and Valentina. This inspired her to take the values acquired from her professional career, and use them to create a children’s fashion label. Conscious, timeless, sustainable and emotive. Concerned with the aesthetic and the endless search for beauty. Emotion is an important part of our process. The New Society aims for collections that can connect people, to go beyond producing garments in the commercial sense and to bring meaning to each and every thing we do.

The Simple Folk

The Simple Folk is our minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic, and high-comfort play clothes that are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses, so they can support your children for years to come. Along the way, The Simple Folk also hopes to create a community space where we can share inspiration and motivation for a conscious lifestyle; where we can connect as parents and our children can become their most empowered and authentic selves while resting in our unconditional love. Together, the Simple Folk is bringing fair, ethical, and sustainable practices to the fashion industry while also caring for the well-being of little ones worldwide. They support the Kikulu Foundation and their dedication to unlocking the potential of children in Uganda through access to quality education.

Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed textiles and organic kids’ clothing. Fresh, bold, and beautiful textile prints are the signature of Winter Water Factory. Printed on soft organic cotton and fashioned into classic designs, our line of kids’ clothing has been a great success with retailers and consumers alike. We believe in creating high-quality products for a healthy planet. Every item is crafted from 100% organic cotton and is made in the USA—from the fabric to the final stitch. The company is the brainchild of Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock. Lynen, the creative force behind the company and its compelling prints and designs.