America's first circular retailer™

“You’ve heard ‘reduce, re-use, recycle,’ but where’s the manufacturer’s accountability in that? At Manymoons, we make our products our responsibility.”

– Carolyn Butler, Manymoons CEO

The engineer behind Manymoons

Shortly after the birth of her daughter in 2019, Carolyn Butler found herself weighed down by piles of outgrown clothing – shouldering the responsibility for their physical and ecological management.

As an engineer with expertise in circular design, Carolyn knew there was a better way. And so, she said “No.”

‘No’ to the mountains of clothes in storage bins and landfills
‘No’ to products and trends intentionally designed to last one season
‘No’ to products made with harmful ingredients
‘No’ to the idea that ethically and sustainably crafted products are a luxury item.

Carolyn quit her chemical engineering job, applying her deep technical knowledge of chemicals and building circular models for good.

As founder and CEO of America’s First Circular Retailer, Carolyn is providing families with an alternative option and the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to a healthy and sustainable future.  

Ethically &

Buy or Rent


Clean, Repaired.
Loved Again.

Recycled or

The best things in life are full circle.

At Manymoons, we believe that families have the right to buy things that don’t come at the expense of future generations. 

Today’s take-make-waste linear retail model is broken- letting corporations off the hook and placing the burden on customers who are trying to buy better.  

As America’s first circular retailer, we take responsibility for the products we sell – as simple as that. For how they’re made, how their value is optimized between a network of conscious families, and how they’re managed at the end of their life.  

When you’re done loving one of our products, we always take it back to upcycle, recycle, or compost – helping you to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come. 

Our Purpose

We make ethically & sustainably crafted clothing accessible to all parents through a circular model that responsibly sources, upcycles and recycles clothing to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come.

Our Mission


To create a circular supply chain that regenerates natural system, keeps products in circulation, and designs out waste to reduce the environmental impact of fashion


To create a pricing structure that enables access to ethically and sustainably made clothing for all income levels and backgrounds.


To provide parents and children with garments made from natural fibers that are free from toxins in the agricultural, manufacturing, and wash processes.